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Custom Album Designs. These designs are placed in the album of your choice. Thru a brief consultation, clients

If you missed the Owen Sound Bridal show last weekend here is a copy of the brochure I was handing

Here is one of my latest album designs that landed under a Christmas tree is past Christmas! Many of

Custom Card Designs

December 16, 2013

Every year I get a chance to design my own christmas card that I send out to family and friends.

Custom Wedding Albums do take awhile to be designed and printed and in the hands of clients. This is

Here is My Awesome Printer. Couldn't be done without it. Its a huge 24 inch banner printer.

My Blog today I want to talk a little about the graphic work I do for Charity. My kids

It's that printing time of year again. As wedding wrap up for me and many couples have reached their 1 yr

I don't know about you but I love photo booths. Although I have only had the chance to be

I am including a custom card design I just put together this morning. This family got married this summer

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