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As promised, I’m more than a photographer and here is a sample of the problem solving I’m tackling all the time.
Anyone with a wood floor will find this very helpful!

Back when we first built our home in 2001 we had these lovely hardwood floors put in throughout the whole main floor and upstairs hallway. It was the traditional style tongue and groove that needed to be installed and sanded and varnished after it was laid which meant 2 full weeks of not a soul near the house. Unfortunately when it was installed my husband picked the finish and it was very dull. I really disliked it and not soon after we moved in did we TRY to refinish it with something with more shine. I don’t know what it is but back then I thought the shine looked cleaner and maybe it does but now I realize it’s an impossible image to maintain. At least for our world filled with kids and dogs and cats and boots that don’t always come off at the door. All that and the fact that felt pads have worn off the chairs over the last 12 years coupled with the fact that the higher shine topcoat never adhered properly.

Over the years I have come to despise the grungy look of my floors and every time I tried to problem solve fixing them I’m left feeling defeated. The ideas that because they run seamlessly thoughout the main floor was the first problem. How do you do a section at a time as the idea of moving out for two weeks is completely out of the question?

So the floors have been left and not until last week after getting a steam mop did I realize that the issue needed my attention again. Now over the most heavily used parts of the floor it is worn right through to the bare wood. That and steam certainly don’t mix. The condition of the floor has really reached a point where anything I can do cannot be worse than it is now.

So here’s what I learned and did and am SO HAPPY with the results.

I started with my breakfast nook. The spot where the chairs have scrapped the floor continuously till there is no finish. Spots where the finish we applied 10 years earlier didn’t take and began to chip away.

Here’s the before and after and then I’ll explain what I did.


20140114 071455 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !


20140114 071516 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

So I found this product and after doing some research decided to give it a try. I did a test area as I know what was originally on the floor was a traditional oil based varathane and this product is an oil modified water based. I don’t really know what it means but when I googled it consumers loved the product. But like I said I did a tester area to make sure it would adhere. It seemed good.

So I sanded the area I wanted to do. Stopping at the seams between boards of where I wanted to stop. I decided to go with a satin finish as the worn parts of floor it’s going to bank with are pretty dull now and all gloss is none existent. I begone by using a palm sander and 60 grit paper and sanded everything as smooth I could get it. Parts where the floor finish was chipping I sanded generously to get it to chip off as much of the finish and smooth what what’s left. This was what I was dealing with.

20140114 072101 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

20140114 072150 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

Then after I sanded and vacuumed I sanded again with 100 grit to again smooth out any rough spots. I would run my hand behind the sander to check it it was smooth.
I vacuumed the whole floor really well and wiped it with a damp cloth really well. Wiping the corners and up the walls trying to remove has much sawdust as possible. Let it dry fully. Taped where my stop line would be.

Then came the fun part.

20140114 072530 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

I used a high quality foam brush and brushed on a thin layer. Being careful to brush out any gunky smears.
Set the time for 2 hours and waited.
After one coat

20140114 073048 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

I lightly sanded it after the 2 hours and vacuumed and wiped let dry and applied another coat.
And reappeared one more time.

And voila. I’m thinking that the advancements in this stuff over the last 12 years has been great. Non oil means non smelly fast drying and that means easy clean up and we can use the floor faster.

24 hours we can put the furniture back but I think we won’t use it until we wait a bit longer. Now the floor isn’t perfect. It blends well with the existing but deep scratches are still there. Discoloration is still viewable but for me it’s smooth and looks like an aged farm house floor. Which suits me just fine.

20140114 073648 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

20140114 073654 Refinishing my hardwood floor without actually refinishing !

If you have any questions just send me a note. I’m happy to give more details.

Check out post coming soon for this weekends bridal show where I get back to photography business.

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