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Today I wanted to talk about a topic that describes how I’m feeling today! (yes I had a wedding yesterday followed by a photo booth last night)

So this train of thought goes back almost a month now when I was shooting Jess and Phil’s wedding in beautiful Southampton. My assistant (can’t believe I used to shoot without one!) and I show up at the ceremony site to do pre shots. I immediately notice, while scoping out my surroundings and such, an older gentleman sporting a canon 5d mark II (like mine) and the really expensive, truly amazing lens (70-200, 2.8 all packed into wow!). So I don’t know if you’re like me or will understand this particular situation, but when you see another photographer, even an amateur at YOUR wedding, sporting undeniably professional gear, you check them out! So I casually start up a conversation with this obvious not fooling around photographer and find out what the scoop is with him on my turf. Not long into the conversation I find out that he is INDEED a wedding photographer, but retired! Not too long ago and although he’s an older gentleman, sporting gray hair, he’s not so old to be out of the workforce. He immediately establishes himself as a NO threat (ie. won’t use my shot sets and pass off as his own, and a complete understanding of protocol to stay OUT of my way), and even goes to far as to establish himself as my KIN! So the point of my post if you’re still with me is upon us. Through our lovely bonding conversation we get on the topic of why he’s retired. He said he just couldn’t do it any more! He said he found it was taking him up to a full week to recuperate from a wedding. My eyes light up, like they do when someone says something that rings SOOO true with you, and when its a subject unspoken because you thought you were the only one, just to find out YOU’RE NOT! He said he found as the years went on that it took longer and longer to get back to feeling normal. That wedding photography has the ability to physically smack, even the best photographer, ON THEIR BUTT!

So here’s the scoop. I’m not quite 40, I’m a mom of 4, I’m very very fit for having 4 kids. I’m super active and a never stop kinda person. I’m never bored and am extremely talented at finding another project to do when I am (my husband loves this icon smile Wedding Photography Is NOT For WIMPS! ). I don’t just do easy crafty things either. I tackle the jobs and projects that lots of men shy from! i.e. drafted a homemade double loft bed for my son one year and built it from scratch. hauled those large pieces up 2 flights of stairs, cut, planed, painted put together, anyways you get the idea. So why am I completely spent and feel completely run over the day after a wedding. My muscles ache, I sleep way past my internal alarm clock, and still I wake up like I partied last night! (not that I really know what that feels like, so not good at partying) But Why?! I’m not doing anything crazy at weddings when I shoot. No back flips, or scaling of walls. All general movements that I do all the time. I do hurry and am stressed quite a bit of the time but still! Which again makes me wonder. Yesterdays wedding was SIMPLE. They were the smallest and easiest going wedding I’ve ever shot except for one last winter, but only the bride and groom were there for that one. But yesterday’s timeline was very generous, so little stress. The weather cooperated, the wedding party and parents were a breeze to deal with, and I did nothing more than hike around fairly level ground. I even had an assistant to carry most of my gear. So why? Why do I feel like CRAP!?

So if there is another photographer or medically educated person out there, can you explain this to me?

Thanks for reading and remember. If you love something, don’t let it go…pass it on!

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