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Christmas cover ad 576x1024 Custom Graphic Designing

My Blog today I want to talk a little about the graphic work I do for Charity. My kids used to sing with the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir and I really enjoyed the program and the experiences it gave my kids. I was so blown away by what the choir brought to theirs and the other kids self esteem that I became attached to the choir itself and their mandate. As such during my kids last year singing with them I applied to be on their board. In addition to helping out with fundraising and decision making with the organization, it allowed me to participate in something I not only enjoyed but believed in. But through my time with the choir I have become their go to person for all their graphic needs. From ads to programs to posters. I love this part as it stretches my knowledge base in photoshop as well at illustrator and actually forced me to use and learn indesign. I can navigate all pretty well now, but like the fact that it keeps me up to date on all those programs as they change and improve.

The Choir is advertising and getting ready for their annual Christmas concert. It is always an enjoyable experience and I will be looking forward to attending.

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