PinExt Why professional photos sometimes dont look professional

I’m not sure how many of you realize this, but if you are new to the whole shopping for a photographer maybe this is something you may not have considered.
Online quality stinks sometimes! And really it has too. I’m left thinking of this right now as I know a made a boo boo in my online stuff here by not watermarking it.

As photographers when we post our photos online, we are forced to downgrade the quality and watermark our images. Why? For upload reasons and for protection. All the time we are hearing about new photographers who steel images from other online photographers, and either remove the watermark or clip around it and pass it off as their own portfolio. Fooling clients into believing that they took these pictures and if hired can produce something similar. Its shocking, its fraud and it happens all the time.

So to protect ourselves (in a not so foolproof but the best we can do manner) we upload the fraction of the quality of every shot we have taken. And we stick that copyright on our web pages and watermark our images. This certainly doesn’t showcase our work the best, but what can we do.

Sometimes a website ie. my instaproof proofing site, encrypts in such a way that the saving of images is not possible. I foolishly, when creating this site, believed this was similar. I have since noticed that this is not the case. So I too will have to redo my galleries and such and stick that annoying water mark over them.

So the next time your shopping be aware.
-that what you see may be a dumbed down quality of the original (on purpose)
-that you should always meet with the photographer and see something in print, ask questions about weddings or for referrals. Who is that bride, where was it taken etc etc? Or best of all choose a photographer that was recommended by a friend.

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