PinExt Photo Booths   Why Are They So Popular?

I don’t know about you but I love photo booths. Although I have only had the chance to be in one a handful of times, and all from when I was a child, I still love them. But for me, offering them in my packages allows me to SEE people. Nothings gets people relaxed and so themselves as being forced to act silly, or not if they refuse to, which again says alot about who they are. Daughters and brides, mothers and girlfriends, uncles and aunts, grandchildren with grandparents. I giggle and laugh after a grueling day when I should be asleep, I just can’t help it. And I love seeing everyones face when they realize what we do with those quick snapshots in time. Where they got to let their hair down, put on a silly face, grab a prop and just have fun for a moment (so moments last longer than others)!

How It Works

What I do might be a little different than the norm. When a couple orders a photo booth as a part of their package, approx a week before the wedding I design a card. Something that ties into their theme or color scheme. I attach text if they like and a thank you with their names and wedding date. This gets printed at the time each photo strip is created, and the final product (after guests chose their costume and stepped into the booth and initiate the process) is a thank you card and their photo strip to take home. A moment so to speak, but a moment of fun in truth! But what we do doesn’t end there. Before they go, that little group of 4 photos gets printed and placed into an album for the bride and groom to take home that night, and each guest signs their well wishes beside their silly pics.

So while I am bushed and beaten after a long day shooting, I am revitalized and jazzed as I get to watch the guests of all ages have some simple fun!

Here are some card samples for some recent weddings.

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