Chris Hadfield – WOW!

September 29, 2013
PinExt Chris Hadfield   WOW!

Last evening my family and I went to see Chris Hadfield speak in Owen Sound. They had him come and speak as a fundraiser for the medical health foundation. I was introduced to this event by our Georgian Bay Children’s Choir of which I am on the board for. Three of my children have sang in his choir, but have since moved on to other things, but I really enjoyed my time apart of this group and wanted to support this worthy organization.

Anyways the choir was asked to sing with Chris. It was an honor for them and I felt honored just witnessing it. Chris has a charisma that just draws people in. He’s down to earth and comical. Easily laughs at himself and knows exactly how to relate to others. It was truly a wow experience I will never forget!

The photography wasn’t bad either. Incredible views that we never see in person but perhaps have seen countless times in the media. That being said I was much more appreciative of what I was seeing having the man that took the pictures give background about the shots, how they were taken, what exactly we were looking at…

I will forever remember the experience of seeing Chris speak, a true example of endurance for the dream! A true inspiration to all of us!

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