PinExt A Good Photographer Always Has Her Camera

Yes a GOOD photographer ALWAYS has her camera! You would think I would learn. And I do! Just not as fast as I should I guess.
Countless, I mean countless times I am driving down the road looking out the window and wham a beautiful shot is upon me, and the only camera I have is a flat 5×2 inch device with a pewniest lens ever. It drives me crazy!!!!


Finally I have learned my lesson. Earlier this week while driving my son from school to Owen Sound for errands, as we are passing the Owen Sound airport, there it is! Some crazy and incredible person is flying a trick plane (I’m sure this is not the actual term) and doing some phenomenal stuff. So much so, finding it hard to stay in my lane as my eyes kept wandering, son haplessly trying to capture some of that flying genius with his iPod (Ha!), are all these people much like myself, pulled over in awe. Out of their cars, standing eyes to clouds watching and sometimes trying to capture this plane, with trailing smoke achieve a marvel of human feats. Dive bombs, spins and drops, loops and cresting to dead stops. Wow! so cool! I could have gotten an incredible shot. If only, if only I had that awesome lens, tucked safely back home, with it I could have gotten a wicked close up, man what a bummer!

NO More! So next time you meet me on the road, ask if I’m packing my camera. And dang it if I’m not I will pay you $20.00

And if you see some loser on the road, pulled over with a ridiculously large lens, its probably me, try not to judge what a lameo I am! I’m working on self improvement icon smile A Good Photographer Always Has Her Camera

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