PinExt Official New Website Launch

Wow!  So I have just launched my site and I am super excited!  I’m not a true geek per say, but somehow managed during the mass edit of this last wedding to learn a new program (special thanks to my photochicks who did NOT lead me astray), built a new site and this morning with a little help from a trustie techie at godaddy by the name of Jenn, launched it!  1-48 hours expected wait for it to go live, my foot!  it was up and running within minute!  yay!

Anyways todays post is about change.  Out with the old and in with the new!  Photographers, successful ones anyways are constantly learning and changing.  Because our industry and technology is constantly evolving, we need to too!  So we are always learning figuring out new software, paying for updates, figure out new camera equipment and PAYING FOR NEW EQUIPMENT (ouch on the pocket book!).  The point is we are an evolving species.  Its happening constantly.  The industry is a definite adapt or die!  So to all my fellow colleagues, congratulations on still being here.  Well done!

IN ADDITION!  Because I know I have a bride in the background chomping at the bit to see her wedding photos, I’m posting a teaser slide tomorrow.  So Come back and check it out!

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